Relocating for a job and need to Sell or Rent House?

When You’re Relocating for a Job and Haven’t Sold Your House Yet…

Relocating or moving for a job leaves a lot of questions. Do I list with a realtor? Do I contact an investor on one of those We Buy Houses ads? Or should I just rent the house out? Let’s take a look at your options.

Listing with a Realtor:

You can list it with a realtor and hope your house sells for what you need it to after closing costs, realtor commissions, and fees. But you have to ask yourself… what if the house doesn’t sell? Can you afford 2 mortgage payments?

Renting it out:

You may decide to rent it out, but are you ready to become a landlord? Can you get enough rent to cover your mortgage payment? Can you afford the increase in your mortgage payment since the taxes are higher for a rental property? You’ll also need to screen tenants, hopefully they pay on time (if at all!), hopefully they won’t need a toilet replaced at 2am, have a pipe bursts, or any other crazy off the wall maintenance issues with rentals that you think won’t happen… but if Murphy’s Law says otherwise.

Contacting a We Buy Houses Investor:

Let’s face it… in a relocating scenario We Buy Houses investors are usually the last resort, but often they can be very helpful. Cash offers tend to be low because they need to make their money too, but what if there was a win-win way to sell your house for a price close to what you would get by listing with a realtor while the We Buy Houses investor takes on the risk of maintaining the house, making your mortgage payments even if the property is vacant, and buying the house in 2-3 years freeing you up for relocating for your job? Sounds pretty good right? Not all We Buy House investors do this, but we at Parable Real Estate Ventures do!

Relocating soon? Have a house to sell? We can help!

At Parable Real Estate Ventures in Grand Rapids MI we aren’t just a We Buy Houses investor, we’re problem solvers. We offer solutions that make it a win-win for both investor and seller. If you find yourself in must move soon relocating for a job situation then contact us to see how we can help! We Buy Houses in all 50 US States and not just Grand Rapids Michigan

If you’re interested in learning more about our Relocation Program and seeing our testimonials for other people we’ve helped when they’ve relocated for a job you can visit our website at, by googling Parable Real Estate Ventures, or calling

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