For Sale By Owner: How do I sell my house for as much as possible?

You may be thinking about contacting a We Buy Houses investor in Grand Rapids area When you’re doing For Sale By Owner (Or FSBO for short) in hopes of selling your house fast for as much cash as possible. That’s great! I hope you contact me, but really this blog post is about For Sale By Owners and making sure it really is the best option for you and your situation.

Going the For Sale By Owner Route:

If you have the extra time, money, and real estate know-how you could easily put your house up for sale, but actually selling it is the hard part! You need to show the property, work with realtor buyer agents and figure in their commission, work around inspections, get repair estimates if need be, and coordinate with a title company in the end and pay for closing costs. This can be a real hassle if you’re selling your house For Sale By Owner because it can be very time consuming and an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, but does come with a higher financial reward!

For Sale By Owner Tips:

1. Don’t rely on just a For Sale By Owner sign in the front yard to sell your house. Also make sure that sign has very very… VERY large print with your phone number in big bold letters. As a We Buy Houses investor I cannot tell you how many times I’ve drove past a house with a sign out front with a phone number I could not read from the road. Make your sign and numbers as large as possible!

2. If you have the money look into websites like For Sale By Owner .com (just google it) and others that assist you in selling your house in the grand rapids area.

3. This is a pretty good secret that not a lot of For Sale By Owners know about, but you can actually list your house on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)that all real estate agents have access to for a flat rate fee, and no commission to a realtor! That’s right! Cool huh? The rate ranges between $200-$600 depending on your market, but it really is the best way to get your house out in front of as many buyers as possible. Do a google search for “Flat rate MLS” and there’s also a 60-minutes report that shows up right at the top of the search that goes into it more before you choose one. BUT!… In all fairness to real estate agents some will work with you to do a flat fee listing as well. They typically are their own brokers and charge various amounts, but if it’s just an agent under a brokerage chances are they don’t offer that service… because they make more money selling your house for you J

What About a We Buy Houses Investor I See Online and Signs Around Town?

What if you could skip the realtor commissions and closing costs and close in as little as a week (or whenever you need to move out)? That’s the beauty of working with a We Buy Houses investor. Now I like to be up front with sellers and let them know I can’t pay full price for what they’re asking. If you want full price then definitely do For Sale By Owner or work with a realtor as I’ve written above. But here are 3 good reasons you should work with a We Buy Houses investor like myself and still do For Sale By Owner so you walk away with as much money as possible.

  1. I can still get you top dollar for your house without a low ball cash offer.
  2. I can buy your house all cash with no closing costs or commissions.
  3. I can work with you to help sell your house, and I make my money off the buyer. Not you!
  4. This is a bonus. I’m generous like that. If and when you contact me and we’re not a good fit I would still be happy to give you great advice on For Sale By Owner and even refer you to a great realtor or 2 in the Grand Rapids area if it sounds like you’d make more money with an agent over the For Sale By Owner route or by working with me.

You can reach me and my business, Michael Lerch with Parable Real Estate Ventures LLC, by visiting my website where you can contact me there! I hope to hear from you soon!

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